Pismo Beach Portraits Summer 2020

Pismo Beach Portraits Summer 2020

In nearly 50 years of marriage, the one thing that matters most is family. Grandma and Grandpa

That’s a good mantra to have ~ and another one: Great Families deserve Great Family Portraits! And while not everyone in the family may agree (going into the day) ~ I find most people are willing to smile for Grandma’s sake.


Flower at the Butterfly Beach Pismo A Portrait for the Beach Mom and Dad Still Got it! Beautiful Pup Son Senior Portrait Puppy Snuggles Sunlit Portrait Mom and Daughter Tattoo Hearts The Senior Portrait

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Founder/Photographer at SLOtography. Born & Raised San Luis Obispo. I'm a big fan of authenticity in photography ~ this means capturing people for who they are & really exposing their beautiful & real story. Aaaand, it doesn't hurt to find a gorgeous backdrop or two ;)

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