Naseem+Alex ~ La Cuesta Ranch Wedding!

Naseem+Alex ~ La Cuesta Ranch Wedding! #bigabolwedding

A few things I like about this wedding:

  • La Cuesta Ranch & the Miossi Family = all around awesome! And despite a close call where flames approached & threatened La Cuesta Ranch less than a week before the wedding…love reigned supreme!
  • Naseem & Alex ~ they’re both so sweet & kind, that’s apparent from the get go, then, they reveal all of their hidden amazing and you just fall in love with the couple…
  • Persian desserts ~ I wait all wedding for my favorite thing: dessert. And for a Persian wedding, they just bust out the desserts early (like, during the ceremony!) and they’re incredible.
  • Oh yeah, my favorite thing of all: Sunrise – First Look – Atop a Glorious Peak (see above photo)

During a Persian wedding ceremony, the bride & groom sit (no risk of locking your knees & passing out here!) and a mirror sits right in front of them; this reflection in front of them represents eternity…which is beautiful.  The bride and groom sit beneath a canopy held up either by female family members, or in modern weddings, by the members of the bride’s bridal party. This canopy signifies that the bride and groom are now combined under the same umbrella or roof. The women then take turns rubbing sugar cones together above the canopy. The sugar granules sprinkle onto the canopy, signifying showering the couple in sweetness. And if that ain’t sweet enough for ya, next comes the honey! The groom picks up a jar of honey (asal) that from the table. He dips his little finger into the jar of honey, and feeds it to the bride. She then does the same for him. This is to symbolize that they will feed each other sweetness and sustenance throughout their lives together. (check out my source to get the full deets: View).

It’s been a treat to get to know this amazing couple! Naseem with her beautiful smile & big personality + Alex’s cool demeanor & big-warm heart. I am so stoked that these two found me! It has truly been an honor to be a part of their wedding from early this year {View Engagement Photos: VIEW!} to the grand finale: the raddest barn dance party (well done DJ Hessam) quite possibly ever! From pre-dawn to the last dance & the sweaty hug goodnight from Alex ~ you guys brought so much love, so much happiness, so much energy! The SLOtography crew had a blast capturing this beautiful occasion with all of the excellent friends & family, the whole crew ?.

Lots of love & congrats to the newlyweds!

View & Download Photos from the Photobooth ~ CLICK ~ (or check out the slideshow below!)

Enjoy a look back at Naseem & Alex’s wedding through their video.  From sun up to sun down!


Vendors //  Venue: La Cuesta Ranch | Bride’s Dress + Groom’s Tie: BHLDN  | Alex’s Suit: Hugo Boss | Catering: Phil’s Catering (plus some Persian ones brought from OC) DESSERTS | Bakery: Pardon My French | Florist: Lori Boe Floral Design |  Music & Lighting: Hessam Ghanimi: DJ Hessam |  Coordinator: Alice




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