Lauren + Kevin ~ Pepper Tree Ranch Wedding

Flaring Love

Lauren+Kevin sealed the deal at the historic Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa with a groovin’ reception at Pepper Tree Ranch to top things off. Love and laughter filled the air all throughout the day ~ you can feel it even in their photos.

I’ve known Lauren for a little while, a SLOcal like myself our list of mutual friends is a long one! Therefore, it’s just that much more exciting to get the call to find one of our own is getting married ~ add to it that Kevin grew up in Los Osos, and we’ve got a true SLOcal wedding in effect.

While I haven’t known Kevin for long and I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these two throughout the course of their relationship; I felt like I’ve been along for the ride with these two over the last several months of extreme wedding planning. If planning a wedding is a good trial run at marriage, the ups & downs, the trials, the successes…well, Lauren & Kevin just went thru bootcamp. For example, our attempts at taking engagement photos were thwarted twice (once by wind and then by fog) before we scored with a beautiful day out at Montaña de Oro (View). And then the kicker: these two endured a late-venue change (as well as several other obstacles); but they took it all in stride with their heads held high. I believe these two have passed the test!

It was for all of these reasons, that their wedding weekend was extra special ~ and it was a pleasure to by a part of, capturing the love. Please browse their photos and let these two know your thoughts in the comments below!


Ceremony: The Mission San Luis Obispo

Venue: Pepper Tree Ranch

Caterer: Sid’s Redneck BBQ

Coordinator: Lisa Muir

DJ/MC: Scott Muir

Florist: Festive Designs

Foods: Sid’s Redneck BBQ

Hair+Makeup: To Have & to Hold Bridal Salon

Dessert: SLODOCo

Videography: Dustin//SLOtography

Backup Photog: James Lester // SLOtography + @jlest

Rentals: Central Coast Tent & Party

Transportation: SLO Safe Ride


The Rehearsal Dinner & a trip up Cerro San Luis to check out the view of Kevin’s homeland & the Los Osos Valley

Whenever possible, I like to tag along for the rehearsal dinner; it’s like the pre-celebration for the wedding and it’s just a bit more intimate. This ‘pre-party’ is a time for the families & the wedding parties to get acquainted & by the time the wedding rolls around, they can all focus on celebrating like the family that they are!

Madonna Inn Balloons Rehearsal Album Guest Book Party in the Round Room Madonna Inn Bridal Party Sunset Love Burning Love Final Decline of the Sun

Wedding Day…:)

Lots of beautiful people and a bounty of beautiful moments & locations…and, DONUTS!

Mission Parish HallDrinking Out of CupsMother Tying TiesMother with BoutteniereAll The MenWatch & RingsHandkerchief & Dress Dress by the Rooms Where's the Bride There's the BrideBride's Jewlery & Bouquet Double Bridesmaid She Looks Up to Her Fun w: Bridesmaids 1772 Father Awaits Groom on a Mission Wedding Party Walk Stoked Ringbearer Groom Awaits Radiant Bridal Walk Pink Mission Tilt-Shift Mission Ceremony Kiss From The Aisle Leaving the Misison Spotlight's On 'Em Baby PTFO Mom & Dad's Happy Day Jesus-Approved Bride's Parents at the Altar The Whole Gang Under the Tree Baby Confused by Camera Mothers & Babies Cheers for Marriage Bull's Tavern Bride Bull's Tavern Newlyweds Drinks on Drinks Marriage Shots Best Yet To Come Palm Springs TableBaby & GrandpaThat LuponicMaybe a DonutDonuts & DessertsLK CakeReady to Enter First Dance Magic Best Man Cheering Them On Giants or Dodgers? Maid of Honor in the Barn Groom Wins This Guy Serious? Bro-HugDad JokesGiggly Groom Groom Killin' The JokesRose Avenue Raising Ducks The Special Cake Knife Serious Cake Cutting Before the Cake Mess Ring In Flower Ladybug on the Ladyring Hazy First Dance Mama's So Proud Photobooth GoofThe Biggest Group Photo Ever Fun with Bouquets Love on the Greenery Pond Walk Reflective Pond Portraits Love Above the Pond Pond GigglesCasual Smooch Sunset Caress Groovin' on the Dance Floor Bride Goin' In The New Queen Stunna Shades On The Dance is Swirling Scandalous Bride You Can Almost Feel The Drunkenness

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