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Alberga Family Portraits - SLOtography | San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography

Alberga Family Portraits

Alberga Family Portraits

The Alberga Family banded together and explored around Edna, CA for some rustic family portraits. While they were out, they made stops at the Old Edna Townsite and Blue Belly Barn to add to the rural vibe. Check out the pics!

Old Edna Taylor Blue Peering Over The Picket Under The Ivy Raising the Bar Blue Belly Barn Barn Girls The Tykes Flaring FamilyRed Rover Red Rover Pointing at Camera

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Founder/Photographer at SLOtography. Born & Raised San Luis Obispo. I'm a big fan of authenticity in photography ~ this means capturing people for who they are & really exposing their beautiful & real story. Aaaand, it doesn't hurt to find a gorgeous backdrop or two ;)

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