Kyle Bryant ~ The Ataxian

Kyle Bryant ~ The Ataxian

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“Life is about how we react,” says Kyle. And Kyle has perhaps over-reacted to his diagnosis of Friedreich’s Ataxia that he received at the age of 17. Realizing he had a debilitating, life-shortening disease, he decided to react in the most-postitive way possible; by getting the word out about this rare disease. Since 2007, when Kyle set out on his first fundraising bike ride, Ride Ataxia, he has led the campaign which has raised millions of dollars in research funding. At this point, a cure is in sight, and the thousands diagnosed with this disease now have something worth riding for: hope.

Kyle is an inspiration to many, and his attitude is infectious. Kyle’s achievements are nothing short of amazing for an able bodied person, let alone one with a disability.

Kyle is a speaker, and a pretty good one at that! To find out more about Kyle, visit his website: Also, don’t miss the soon-to-be released feature film, The Ataxian!
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