Jacob’s Surprise Wine Tasting Proposal at Niner Wine Estates

Jacob’s Surprise Wine Tasting Proposal at Niner Wine Estates

Proposal at Niner Wine Estates //


It’s not uncommon for me to get a call from a young lad who just so happens to be head over-heels in love with a girl; so much so, that he’d like to spend the rest of his life sharing that love. So the obvious next step: propose! It’s sweet. It’s a vulnerable moment that is intimate, filled with compassion and (if everything goes right) is tremendously exciting!

On this particular episode, Jacob called me with a plan: to propose to his girlfriend, Jenna, at Niner Wine Estates in Paso Robles (good choice, right?) around sunset. So Jacob’s off to a good start, he’s chosen an incredible venue a decent photographer and he’s timed it just right. One last thing: let’s see about the girl 😉

Well, as it turns out, Jenna is as incredible as her thoughtful fiancé (spoiler alert, she said YES!…but of course she did, I wouldn’t be posting this otherwise). Jenna is beautiful, clearly, and quite sarcastic ~ cracking me up with jokes only moments after she’s become engaged. She was also sweet enough to go with the plan of a photo shoot in her borrowed dress and light jacket (as it was a bit brisk with a chance of showers). And that’s it folks. 30 minutes later, they’re off to celebrate and I’m in the car sorting thru and sending them sneak peeks of the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime moment that just took place. They are engaged!

I’m so stoked to be a part of it 🙂

Venue: Niner Wine Estates

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  1. Jenna Hempsey March 2, 2020 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    Thank you Blake!! We are beyond grateful to have you photograph our engagement day.
    We absolutely love the collection of photos and appreciate your friendliness, professionalism, and ability to work with the surprise element 🙂 We would highly recommend for any event!

    • Blake Andrews March 8, 2020 at 5:14 pm - Reply

      Oh it’s my pleasure Jenna! Thank you for the sweet note & for being up for a few photos after the Proposal to commemorate this amazing occasion! Congratulations!

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