Harmony + North Coast Engagement ~ Peta+Michael

Harmony + North Coast Engagement ~ Peta+Michael

Peta + Michael ~ Harmony + North Coast Engagement

A rainy winter day engagement! We began with a quick meeting in a little town known as Harmony (Population 18) to capture some photos of this old dairy town, where the man responsible for the castle up the coast (Hearst) would stop to get groceries :). I love this little town and we even peeped into the chapel to get the right vibe for our engagement session!

A little rain couldn’t stop us, well, it did delay us: sending us searching for refuge in a nearby coffee shop. The only thing clear on this day was that we were going to have to stay close to the car in case of sudden downpour. But the skies opened up for us in the late afternoon, revealing the beautiful/pristine coastline in Cambria. Amongst the rocky coastline with crashing waves, the green grass of the former pasture land, and the Cambria pines, we spent a little time snapping away. Of course, it’s never easy for two people in love to just step into the role of ‘model’. but Michael was up for the challenge! Peta was a little more of a skeptic…but in the end, I think we can all agree who shined a bit brighter on this gloomy afternoon 😉

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