Boston+Cape Cod Mass ’16

Boston+Cape Cod Mass ’16

Boston+Cape Cod Mass ’16

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Grammy’s House on Cape Cod ~ without the Grammy ūüôĀ

When I was 9 years old my grandma purchased her dream home: an old sea captain’s house, built of sticks and bricks in East Dennis, Massachusetts. She had grown up about 100 miles away in Watertown, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.¬†To that little girl, and many other Bostonians, the cape was an escape from the heat, the congestion & the noise. Here we are, three generations later & the great-grandkids have the great fortune of living the dream!

Going back just one generation, to my ‘come up’ ~ I reminisce of¬†walking from my grandma’s house on Pleasant street, down Cold Storage road, to the harbor in which¬†the ship¬†captain kept his boat. From the boat launch, we were just just 100 paces from diving¬†and our toes into the hot sand (which was just a bit cooler than the course asphalt we’d traveled down to get there).¬†We spent our days at Cold Storage beach, playing “Carney,” a game dedicated to the greatest third baseman to ever wear flip-up shades; basically, it was an enthusiastic game of catch taking place about waste deep in the calm Atlantic Ocean. The only thing that could interrupt the intense game was the sound of the Mobile Munchie Man’s cowbell, causing a stampede of children to run back up the wooden walkway that spanned the ‘sensitive’¬†dunes between the beach and the parking lot…which paved the way to his freezer-truck full of ice cream.¬†I’ll take a Choco Taco.

After a day at the beach we would return to the sea captain’s house and play wiffle ball on the expansive green lawn surrounding the big white house. We’d pile into Grammy’s big town car and head down highway 6A to grab some lobsta’ rolls for dinner and finish the day with a Cape League baseball game…watching the Chatham A’s swing wooden bats with Carney like-power, in a ballpark no bigger than Grammy’s backyard. And if the night was just right,¬†the fireflies would come out at twilight. Those were the days.

Grammy, ‚ÄúI love you every day. And now I will miss you every day.‚ÄĚ
‚Äē Mitch Albom,

Pictures from Cape Cod of years’ past:¬†2014 Trip¬†+¬†2013 Trip

And now, the 2016 pics, beginning with a trip thru Boston & the Freedom Trail!

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