The Garden Island Kauai

The following post contains a few images from my latest journey to the Garden Island Kauai (Kaua’i if I’m telling the truth). Exploring the North Shore and Waimea…and a little bit of ‘talkin’ story.’

twilight sunset kauai color

I’ve been to the Garden Island a handful of times after my dad has relocated to this slice of paradise; and I’ve been fortunate to have explored this idyllic island quite a bit…but it’s a jungle and much of the terrain remains uncharted (especially by me). One thing remains the same the same each time I venture out across the Pacific to the most remote place on earth…I chill. I set out with ambitions but they’re always thwarted by the overwhelming desire to relax…which is nice.

I spent one amazing day while on island, photographing Lianne and David’s wedding in Waimea; it was a beautiful wedding and pics will be on the blog shortly!…this “side trip” all the way around the island gave me a great excuse to explore a little more. I ventured to the Waimea Canyon where the views of the island are only rivaled by a those as seen from the sea 0r air.

Another great trip to Kaua’i ~ if you ever make your way, feel free to holler at me for advice!

the kilauea round house

the updated progress on my Dad’s pad in Kaua’i ~ the “Kilauea Round House”…pretty fresh!

the colours of kauai
the rainbow disconnection

princeville golf course sunset with bali hai view
hawaiian state bird nene with banana trees two dogs that don't like me cat eye staredown dog and cat check each other out dog licks chops papaya tree with ripe papayas palm trees in waimea Wettest Spot on Earth Wai'al'alewaimea canyon view from puu hinahina fisherman rainbow sunset kauaia look up in the mahogony forest canopydinner at Roy's Tavern in Princevillelast sunset kauaimoonset in kauai with full harvest moon and cloudssunset flight pattern
the cloud monster

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