Rachel+Paul ~ La Cuesta Ranch Engagement

Rachel+Paul ~ La Cuesta Ranch Engagement

Rachel+Paul ~ La Cuesta Ranch Engagement


Ahhh yeah, it’s San Luis Obispo’s finest views…ahhh how I love me some La Cuesta Ranch…but I’m getting ahead of myself:

We’re talkin’ ’bout love here ~ Rachel. Paul. Love. Yep, it just makes sense.

I loved spending the afternoon with these two, in some of my favorite places. We started our journey with a trip out to Los Osos, thru the Los Osos Valley and all the way to the promised land: Montaña de Oro. Where the eucalyptus rise high with no direction, just spiraling sort of upward. Where the golden hills tumble, grain by grain, into the sea. If you get my drift, it’s just a fantastic place to put love on display.

Not to be outdone, MDO was followed by a trip to the Ranch, La Cuesta Ranch. Where Gabriel loaded up the Jeep and we set out on an expedition! Up thru the another grove of spiraling trees, this time: Oaks.

Let ’em know what you think!

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