Lizette + Steven ~ Saint Athanasius Church Wedding

Open Windshield Smooch

7.2.16 // Lizette+Steven tied the knot at the Saint Athanasius Church in Mountain View, CA //

As the sun set over Mountain View & the light was fading…the party was only just beginning at the SFV lodge, where a big crew had gathered to celebrate. Steven, Lizette, Dustin, James & myself stood in a parking lot looking for a nearby location to capture a few pictures before the sun clocked out for the day…were running out of time. As we ‘snuck out’ of the lodge we encountered person after person who wanted to give the two newlyweds a congratulatory squeeze; and these two weren’t in a hurry…they were on cloud 9! But there we stood, too far from the park we had scouted for sunset, a drive away from any scenery at all; in stuck in the middle of Mountain View searching for anything.

And then, a mechanic, working late on Saturday, came out of his shop…I figured he was ready to point out the fact that we were trespassing & loitering in his parking lot and the store was closed, but instead, he motioned to a van he had parked inside. He fired it up and 30 seconds later, he was parked in front of his shop with a vintage Volkswagen Bus…and we had our chariot. He popped the front windows open so we could get a clear look at the couple. And there we were, in the middle of a parking lot in the middle of Silicon Valley, staring at the freshest couple in the freshest ride. And then, they made out.

Steven & Lizette are young and in love, but it’s the kind of love that is wise, the kind they’ll grow into someday. It’s the real deal.

From start to finish, their wedding day was filled with excellent moments; from the hotel room where the bridesmaids dismantled beauty ingredients in typical fashion…emerging in style, ready to get this girl married…to our multiple trips around town in the stretch hummer-limo…to the trip thru sculpture park where the wedding party celebrated the newlyweds.

Congratulations Steven & Lizette, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you over the last couple of months! I look forward to seeing what the next chapter holds… 🙂

Dress & Shoe Details Getting Her Veil On Makeup & Veil Detail Smiley Bride If The Shoe Fits... Bride with the Hummer Limo All the Girls with the Limo Limo Cruisin' Handheld Limo Exit Ringbearer:Flower Girl Entrance Aisle Walks Bridal Entrance Delighted Mother Rainbow Ceremony Love of Her Life Jesus-Crossed Lovers One Big Church Wailing Mariachis Ready to WedBouquet on the BenchCongregation Rises Prayer Hands Kiss the Bride Take 2Just Married with SwagThe Whole Wedding GangBest Man & MOH Ladies in White Men in Black Mas Familia Groom Fam Limo Kisses Shy Bride Chillin' in the Shade Party in the Park Bride Portraits With Her Girls at the Park Bouquets In Swingin' to the Mariachis Intros & Entrances Groom Swag Walk Purple First Dance Dance Floor Portraits Dad Got That Swing Kissing His Daughter Off Dancin' With Mama Vase & Pagne Dollar Dance With Bride Dollah Dollah Bill The Mad Dash Stage DiveBouquet Fake OutBouquet WinnerGettin' the Garter Gone Garter Garter Winner Do the Blender Hardcore Cheers Parking Lot Portraits Love on Fire VW Love Neck Kisses VW Heart

The SLOtography Photobooth was there to capture the action ~ you can view/download pictures here:

The Photobooth Lizette and Steven

Their engagement last summer: <Click to View!>



Wedding: SFV Lodge

Ceremony: Saint Athanasius

DJ: DJ Les del Rosario

Live Music: Banda Exclusiva!

Preparation: Hilton Garden Inn: Palo Alto

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