Will Travel for Photos

Will Travel for Photos2017-04-27T13:39:20-07:00

It’s true, I’ve been traveling my whole life in pursuit of beautiful new places to explore ~ I will travel for photos!

While the name “SLOtography” does accurately imply that I focus on taking photos in San Luis Obispo, California, I’ve been across the country (literally) taking photos for clients. Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular; and for the price of a plane ticket, a campsite & 3 square meals, you can count me in! For simple trips up & down the California Coast, I’m happy to make the trip for the price of a tank of gas. Simply put, give me a holler and I’ll holler back with a modest quote.


Blake Andrews

the napali coast

This image of the Napali Coastline in Kaua’i, was taken during a wedding-inspired trip to the Garden Island…so, yeah, I’ll be happy to travel to whichever beautiful place you plan on tying the knot!