Shelby+Dan ~ Engaged!

Shelby+Dan ~ Engaged!

Shelby + Dan ~ they went out like that.

But let’s rewind, these guys live down the street from me ~ they’re basically neighbors. Of course, when they stopped in the office, it was the first time we’d met! This is one of the great things about being a local businessperson ~ you get to meet the locals ~ and I get to meet a lot of good ones. In our first meeting we just spent a little time chatting, about their wedding, about their lives ~ it was casual…I get the impression that these two are casual people (so am I). They’ve fallen in love with one another, they’ve fallen in love with a venue, (Terra Mia Vineyard) & they found a photographer just down the street ~ it’s perfect! Also perfect: their engagement shoot…

A beautiful day: spring flowers in bloom, warm with a slight breeze, the hills filled with green, an insanely beautiful 57′ Chevy (seriously, the type of ride that inspires songs) ~ all capped off with a stunning Shell Beach Sunset! It’s perfect really, but, like Shelby + Dan, casual 🙂

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