Montaña de Oro Elopement ~ Melanie+Steven

Montaña de Oro Elopement ~ Melanie+Steven

Montaña de Oro Elopement ~ Melanie+Steven

Hey Mr. Tamborine Man!…play a song for me! Yep, that’s right, shake your tambourine and come see the union of these two sweet souls get together for a wonderful, sweet & simple celebration of LOVE! And if you wanna be a part of the celebration, All You Need is Love!

Speaking of Love, I love the way these two come together. Since the day we met, when they stopped by my office and plopped down on the couch taking up minimal real estate just so they could be as close together as possible, it’s been a joy to get to know these two lovebirds. I’ve seen many couples, but these two may be the most inseparable. Wherever they venture, they do it together. And we adventured all around the beautiful playground that is Montaña de Oro, in search of sweet little places for these two to…well, love each other (make out)…and they certainly look good doing so 🙂

The Sea was dancing wildly, perhaps an attempt to get a front row seat to the show. But the ceremony was short sweet, and full of good vibes to support & celebrate Melanie & Steven!

Congratulations to these two ~ it was a pleasure to travel out to Montaña de Oro to see this beautiful elopement between these love birds :). Thanks for having me ~ and to their friends/family, be sure to wish them well and continue to support 🙂


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