Jeff+Sam ~ Dana Powers House Wedding!

Jeff+Sam ~ Dana Powers House Wedding!

Jeff+Sam ~ Dana Powers House Wedding!Here’s a little story of Sam #gettingPLANTed …or married, if you prefer. I don’t, I think getting planted is a pretty cool metaphor! They tied the knot amidst a citrus orchard, with some fertilization/love from their friends & family and from here, they’ll grow, together. That’s nice.

Here’s a look back at their sweet little engagement session from last year >> Jeff+Sam Engaged >> we toured the Central Coast and discussed topics such as Budweiser, how tall Jeff is & how he was able to (in several attempts) ‘court’ Sam i.e, convince her to go out on a date with him. That persistence paid off, and they made it to wedding day…so that’s where we’ll begin!

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Jeff+Sam exactly twice…but, at their wedding day (which started with a clean, yet slightly damp post-shower hug from Jeff…he was wearing a towel) followed by about 37 hilariously sarcastic comments from a beautiful bride with a beautiful smile (Sam) & included hundreds of “unique” dance moves from Jeff…a few Budweisers (not too many though) & more than a few sweet words from friends of family whom came out to celebrate with the newlyweds…a bit of wine, kisses, a citrus grove, fields of gold & one beautiful barn, I feel kind of like, just maybe, I might know what #gettingPLANTed feels like. And it feels good 😊. Lots of LOVE to the newlyweds: congrats Jeff+Sam, stay frothy.

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Venue: Dana Powers House | Photography/Videography/Photobooth: SLOtography (You Are Here) | Rentals:  Embellish Vintage Rentals & All About Events | Napkins: Blush Fine Linens | Floral Design: @desireedavis11 | Catering: Chef’s Table Catering | Dessert: Penny Orsini | Bar: Bottles & Ice | DJ & MC: Central Coast Premier Entertainment | Hair: The Queens’ Bees | Makeup: Richard Sell | Transportation: SLO Safe Ride |

Their Wedding Video:

SLOtography Photobooth Pics



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