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Highway 46W and Harmony

Highway 46W and Harmony

Highway 46W and Harmony

The Heart of Heart Hill

8m20s ~ the amount of time it takes sunlight to travel to the earth. Once that light reaches the earth, it does a few things: it allows plants to grow and science and blah blah. However, for the more romantic types, it reveals the glorious colors & life (and love) that surrounds us. I did a little basking in the light of the sun (from 8:20s ago) this past weekend  as I made my way up north via HWY 101 – HWY 46 and then back along infamous HWY 1. There was a vibrant mixture of blues & greens that only the spring can bring. Here are a few worth sharing.

Heart Hill at Niner Winery

Grey Wolf Cellars



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