This page is intended to answer some Frequently Asked Questions people may have when hiring a photographer, or more specifically, hiring me as your photographer!

First off, Who are you & what do you do?

I am Blake and I am the founder of SLOtography. I’m also the lead photographer. This is what I do! When you book an event with SLOtography, you’re booking me! I could have started a photo-biz with my name but it was already taken, seriously!

Why hire a professional photographer?

Considering the amount of time you’ve put into finding a venue, picking a dress, planning all the details and…oh yeah, choosing a partner! Your wedding day will seem like an instant in time; believe me, it all goes by very quickly. The best way to make your wedding last is to have an experienced, professional photographer there to capture your day; that may sound like a gimmick, but it is the absolute truth.

Why hire you?

That’s a tough question to answer without sounding pompous…but I’ll do my best. I have been a photographer since 2000 and have been photographing-for-hire since 2007. Therefore, I have made plenty of mistakes; all of which, I have learned from and have helped me progress as an event photographer. Of course, this is all just an honest way of saying “I have experience.” And from my experience, I have learned the which methods work the best for capturing authentic and genuine images from a wedding. I like to work hard to prepare for an event, making the day-of a time to relax and enjoy the festivities!

Why else?

I care about the pictures I deliver & the service I provide. SLOtography is name that encompasses my home, my passion and my way of life. It’s also my business and I take great pride in that 😉

My prices are affordable and competitive. I try and work efficiently, providing my clients with what they need (great photos) and allowing them to create the other frills (albums, prints, etc.) using my Proofing Site, or completely on their own.

How do I book?

Email me: Blake@SLOtography.com or click on the contact form. I would be happy to put together a digital contract for you to view, & if all looks good, sign! Once you’re signed up you can submit a deposit via PayPal, Square or even send me a check if you’re old fashioned.

Are the photographs included in your pricing?

Yes! Great question, by the way. Because I shoot digitally, I can provide you with your best images in digital format on USB drive and/or as a digital download at no extra cost. This will enable you to print & share your images with family & friends as quickly as possible!

How many photos are included?

I pick the best images from every shoot to provide to my clients digitally. I estimate the number of photos to be about 50/hr (oftentimes more). Chances are, if you like the style of photos within my portfolio, you’ll like the photos I deliver to you 😉

Will the photos within my gallery be edited?

Yes! Every photo that I submit to a client has undergone editing. I crop photos so they’re just right – correct color to ensure they look real – enhance the color & saturation so your photos look amazing – apply creative filters so your photos look awesome – and oftentimes, I perform minor touch ups so you look your best!

What about prints?

For every photo shoot, I provide a digital web album custom online gallery just for you. This gallery is great because it allows you to share your photos online with anyone you choose, enabling them to view and/or order prints without bothering you (you’ll be busy). Check out a sample gallery: Wedding Portfolio.

How can I order prints?

The web album that I create will enable you & your guests to order prints of any any size, finish & mounting that you can imagine. These options will be available to you from the day your photos are posted to a web album and the next year thereafter. The print quality is amazing as all the printing, packaging & delivery is handled by Bay Photo in Santa Cruz, Ca.

randomly inserted rave to break up the monotony

Ummm…OMG Blake!! These are so amazing!! I really am so blown away. You truly captured the setting perfectly. It is exactly what I was hoping for. I am so impressed at how you captured the beauty of the landscape, the props and everything in between. I have looked at these for an hour now and they just bring a smile to my face.”

-Brenda (& Gabe)

Spinning Bride La Cuesta Ranch


What is the the right amount of time to hire a photographer for my wedding?

My advice: this is your wedding day, take your time. More time = more pictures. At no point in your life will you remark that you have too many pictures of your wedding. A wedding is filled with priceless moments: the first dance, the bouquet toss, the sweet moment where your mother hugs her new son-in-law or the instant your grandpa decides borrow your new bride for a dance. Make sure it is all captured and that you don’t feel rushed!

What about Small Weddings & Eloping Ceremonies?

The first weddings I ever photographed were small, so small in fact that I’ve had to sign the wedding contract as the witness for more than a few. I really appreciate the beauty of an intimate ceremony and love to capture such occasions. Whether you have 0 guests or 200 guests, I’m happy to help you out . Check out the ‘Small wedding package for more info!

Do you travel for events?

I’d love to – travel is another passion of mine so I’m up for an adventure. Fill me in on the details of your event, location, duration, etc. and I can quote you a price. The expense of traveling for an event is usually quite minimal!

What about a Second Shooter?

I am a big fan of having a second shooter. A second shooter offers a different perspectiveadditional angles and coverage for two areas at once! This is a valuable upgrade to your wedding photos and it doesn’t cost twice as much!

What is involved in an engagement shoot?

An engagement shoot is like meet & greet where I take photos! I view an engagement session as an opportunity for the bride & groom to become comfortable with me and more importantly, the camera…I’ll be the first to admit that being in front of the camera is intimidating. But after we’re thru, you’ll have some beautiful pictures to share to get people über stoked for your wedding + you’ll be a little more comfortable with me & the camera by the time your wedding rolls around (not a bad idea).

What about insurance/assurance?

Nobody really asks this, so technically it’s not a FAQ. However, I do have and pay for insurance as a photographer…and if I didn’t tell somebody, what would be the point? Oh yeah, in case something goes terribly wrong – I’ve got insurance. So you and I are covered, which is nice.

More importantly, I assure you that I will do my best to give your photos the attention to detail they deserve (ie: back them up, treat them nice and care about them). There’s some assurance for what it’s worth.

Anything else?

I’m sure I haven’t covered everything, so if you have any questions remaining, please email me at Blake@SLOtography.com.