Cavalli Estates Wedding

Cavalli = Horses. I didn’t see many but…for what they lack in horses, they make up for in lavender. Bustling in lavender…as if it were going out of style (clearly, it is not).

Sarah+Zael | Cavalli Estates Wedding | Edna Valley, CA

These high school sweethearts have spent half of their lives growing together. They met at the age of 15 during a phone call, and since then, they have consistently supported each other through difficult times. That first phone call marked the beginning of their connection, even though they had just met.

The newly married couple has marked a milestone of 15 years together, which represents half of their lives. They have been together for such a considerable period that it is challenging to recall their lives before each other. Witnessing such enduring love between such a young couple is a rare occurrence.

Welcome Dinner

The wedding weekend kicked off with a welcome soiree at Cavalli Estates – an array of attractive individuals flocked to this stunning venue to embrace the soon-to-be newlyweds. The gusty winds, cloudy skies, and overall ambiance set the stage for an exciting event. We ascended the tree deck to exchange tales and sentiments about the couple. The theatrics and heartfelt moments were a perfect match for this much-anticipated celebration!

And celebrate we did :). I dipped out early in the night ~ stoked to return for the main event on Saturday, the stage set for excellence. Arriving to the beautiful home at Cavalli on the morning of the wedding, I was greeted by a tranquil home with dresses being steamed, a bride receiving her “finishing touches” and a cute puppy in a BDSM vest (bird repellant).

Wedding Day.

It’s an ambitious goal to meet the excitement curated by 15 years of anticipation: emotion, highs, lows, love…but Sarah & Zael’s wedding was everything and more.

Enjoy some photos from their Cavalli Estates Wedding in Edna Valley, San Luis Obispo

The weekend kicked off with a beautiful & intimate Welcome Dinner at Cavalli Estates.

A beautiful day on the horizon.

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