Here’s a quick little intro to the SLOtography Team ~ hopefully this one will answer some of your questions & give rise to a new line of questioning 😉

SLOtography founder & photographer, Blake Andrews, (that’s me! ~ yep, I’m here writing my own bio, sacrilegious, I know). I’m addicted to photography. Ever since I won a camera from the local newspaper at 14 years old, photography has been a means for documenting my life: the people, places & the moments I have been fortunate to experience. Photography has given me an excuse to travel, meet new people, watch the sunset/get up for the sunrise…stop and smell the flowers and in general, take my time to enjoy each moment! Being born and raised in San Luis Obispo is like hitting the lotto, and though I’ve tried, I have yet to find a better place to live, explore and take photos. I began my professional photography career in 2007, and ever since I’ve had the pleasure of capturing over 200 weddings & countless events, portraits, etc. I am passionate about capturing and preserving special occasions in people’s lives on a digital medium that can be enjoyed forever! I define my approach to photography as ‘organic,’ (’cause it’s a hot term right now….) because (truthfully), it’s about comfort and fun: keeping the mood relaxed such that your photos will look like you!

If you’re still reading, I compel you to just simply get in touch: shoot me an email or give me a call ~ it’s an easy and essential first step & regardless of which direction you decide to go in your hunt for a photographer; I’m happy to help 🙂 ~ Blake@SLOtography.com

Dustin Wise ~ the man with the movie camera // Dustin has filmed surfers from the arctic waters to the remote Indian coastline, climbers who create gourmet meals whilst hanging beneath the peak of El Capitan in Yosemite & even documented creators of artisan tree houses…yet, despite all this, he’s a humble dude in a 6’5″ frame who occasionally enjoys strumming his ukulele. Dustin’s resume includes many wild projects because he is an adventurer & he likes to follow his video camera wherever it may take him. You’ll find that this guy is an excellent guest to have along your side, capturing whatever your current adventure takes you. Together, we’ve shot around the world, including Maui & New Zealand…though I think we can both agree that the Central Coast has something special as well 😉 ~ Dustin@SLOtography.com





James Lester is a bit of a legend on Instagram ~ it was this reputation that initially caught our eye at SLOtography…that, and his incredible images! After a little time spent with James, you’ll find that this guy’s photos are just a sample of the excellence that is ‘J-Lest,’ his gangsta rap alter-ego (not really). Coming up on the Central Coast, James has been captivated by the world’s natural beauty from a young age, but it wasn’t until he picked up a camera in 2015 that he did anything besides appreciate what his eyes presented him. Fast forward to today, and James has spent the past five years honing his craft: capturing magnificent landscapes & dozens of weddings, both as part of the team & solo. When working with James you’ll quickly realize that he is, first and foremost, a friend! While he does practice healthy professionalism each & every step of the way, he holds firm in his belief that the best photos are produced with a casual & relaxed vibe. That way you can unleash those natural smiles & let your light shine authentically! Aside from taking photos, you can find James climbing rocks (usually fake ones in the gym), maintaining his musical chops, practicing yoga (keyword: practicing) & eating vegan food. Yeah, he’s one of those guys. 😉

You can get in touch directly with James@SLOtography.com 


Zachary Ayers

Zachary Ayers ~ aka ‘Zach’ ~ the inverted videographer (Zach was introduced to Dustin thru the climbing gym ~ catching Dustin’s eye with displays of immense finger strength!) ~ well, it turns out he can also hold a camera… // Zach has been filming everything since he saw a music video filmed, literally, in his backyard. The process intrigued him so that he borrowed a camera & prime lens (35mm ~ the best) and started documenting his world…which, as a 15 year old kid coming up on the Central Coast has taken him to some excellent places. Zach’s passion for climbing offers him ample opportunities for radical photo & video opportunities. Zach will be making his way around Europe this summer before beginning school at Biola university in fall! We’re stoked to see where he goes & even more stoked to hear that he’s happy to cruise along to capture some amazing clips for SLOtography whenever the opportunity arises!