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Bike Month in SLO

Bike Month in SLO!

Bike Month in SLO!

Lincoln Deli Bike Month Kick Off
Its Bike Month in SLO!  I did my typical stroll downtown thru Farmers’ Market to dig the scene and then ventured back to my own neighborhood! The Lincoln Market and Deli was kickin’ off bike month with a screening of “Bike Happening” before riders made their way down to the Bike Happening. It was an excellent night for a ride, or a walk if that’s your thang (it’s easier to carry a camera on foot so that’s sort of my thing). Check out some pics:
May is Bike Month Chalkboard
A Walk Downtown
Grill it Up Farmers' Market SLO
Downtown SLO Signs
Photo Booth and Flower
Farmers' Market Music
Mission Cross
Old Mission Crescent Moonrise
Cerro San Luis Silhouette
Bike Night Kick Off at Lincoln Deli
Bike Night at Lincoln Market Deli

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