Autumn+Kevin ~ Vineyard to the Sea Engagement

Autumn+Kevin ~ Vineyard to the Sea Engagement

Autumn+Kevin ~ Vineyard to the Sea Engagement ~ from downtown SLO to HammerSky Vineyards with a grand finale at the beach; this engagement shoot was epic!

When I look back at the photos from this shoot, it’s kind of funny to think that we met (Autumn, Kevin & I) just minutes before we snapped this first pic (above). I’m thinking to myself; did they practice this?…possibly ;). But maybe, just maybe, it’s just that simple. These two are always just enamored with one another; I’m guessing they’ve probably strayed from that way of thinking at times, perhaps, but it was all love on this day! Autumn, (sorry for blowing up your spot here) sent me a few pics of the two of them pre-engagement to display how they can at times look ‘awkward in photos’. Clearly not the case on this afternoon :). Too bad, I kinda like awkward photos. You’ll find none here.

After a quick pow wow in the City of SLO, just down the street from where I sit now, we powered up to the one, the only: HammerSky Vineyards. This just happens to be the spot where these two will be so fortunate to tie the knot this fall! I’m stoked, because this place is basically heaven on earth and as a photographer, that means that makes for great photos. However, it’s also a pretty excellent place to sip wine and take in the nuptials of a young and in love couple :). Back to the pics!

A quick stopover atop highway 46 and then cruisin’ to the coast to watch the sun dip! Looking forward to seeing more of these two, next fall!

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