4th of July Gets Wild(er)

4th of July Gets Wild(er)

Wilder had an eventful first visit to the Central Coast, some activities included:

  • Looking for dogs whilst ignoring the plentiful barnyard animals at the Avila Barn.
  • His first steps!
  • A jaunt out the Avila Pier to see what the catch of the day was.
  • His first trip to Firestone Grill and Downtown SLO.
  • A sunny beach-day in Morro Bay that prompted a plunge into the Pacific.

Wilder's Family Avila Barn Wilder Kids Rock Out Rooster Wilder & Jessica Wilder and the Pigeon Wilder on the 4th of July Wilder on the Pier Wilder Takes the Plunge Wilder, Ryan & Jessica

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Founder/Photographer at SLOtography. Born & Raised San Luis Obispo. I'm a big fan of authenticity in photography ~ this means capturing people for who they are & really exposing their beautiful & real story. Aaaand, it doesn't hurt to find a gorgeous backdrop or two ;)

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