Poppy Field

This is my most recent (and perhaps best) journey wildflowering Carrizo Plains National Monument. Wildflowering is just one of the completely awesome things I do to feed my addiction to photography…in fact, I have a feeling that most people use their ‘fancy’ cameras as an excuse to go and see cool things (see: every cool tourist destination ever). And this is cool. Sometimes, I think about what it would be like to head out on a journey without my camera. I may look at things a bit differently, I’d be less likely to get down on the ground and stick my face in a small patch of flowers and more inclined to look at the grandiose scale of the seemingly infinite Carrizo Plains. However, both are are epicly beautiful & fleeting…from the baby blue bonnet families to the pronghorn elk ~ the former salt lake to the California poppy!

This year, the Wildflower bloom made it to “SuperBloom” ~ and as much as you can tell from these photos, I assure you, there’s nothing I can say, post, print, etc. that will demonstrate truly how super the bloom is. You gotta check it out for yourself! And if you can’t make it this year, no worries; below are a few samples of the grandiose and the macro…enjoy!

Find more info bout the SuperBloom HERE! To see the entire album, give it a look here: http://slotography.smugmug.com/Events/Wildflowering-in-Carrizo-Plains/.

Purple Owl's Clover
Blue Wildflowers

Baby Blue Eyes
Taking Shade in the Tidy Tips
Baby Blue Eyes Looking
Blue Sky Yellow Hill
Shooting Star Wildflowers
Shrub in the Wildflowers
Pronghorn Elk
Bird in Flight Soda Lake
The Vehicle SLOtography
California Poppy
Long Stemmed Purple White Wild Flower
SLOtography Amongst the Wildflowers
Caterpillar in Hand

Soda Lake Viewpoint
Great Horned Owl in Flight
Purple Flower in the Yellow Flowers
California Poppy Field
Bird Flying Above Carrizo
Bird on Rocks