Michelle+Brad made it official with their wedding at San Francisco’s historic City Hall, followed by an excellent reception at The Phoenix Hotel &  Chambers Bar. What a day for a wedding in SF ~ 80 degrees, sunny, no wind…hot!

Their wedding ceremony took place at iconic City Hall; the photos from inside City Hall are some of my favorites of all time…it’s an unreal setting! Even the walk back to the reception was filled with beautiful sights amongst the oh-so-tall buildings in downtown SF.

The evening continued with an amazing evolving reception ~ complete with excellent food, drinks & dancing…especially by the groom himself. Scroll down for that highlight 🙂

It was a pleasure to be a part of this day ~ hoping these two newlyweds have the time of their lives on their honeymoon (last I checked, they’re in Dubrovnik…which is sick!)

Check out the pics & let ’em know what you think in the comments!!


San Francisco City Hall

Chambers Bar

Phoenix Hotel

DJ/MC: Mikey on the Micthe-phoenix m-dress gold-sequin-dress pinky-nose curlicious gold-heels city-hall-ceremony coming-from-the-columns ceremony-among-angels that-happy-gaze gold-rails-everywhere ring-slide
bride-presenting-herself walking-away two-families the-royal-familybetween-statues royal-newlyweds prince-charming as-the-elevator-closes on-the-edge so-flattered the-love-stare what-a-venue marble-stair-magic underneath-giants majestic-love to-the-reception the-phoenix-reception someone-wanted-to-really-drink drinks-begin bay-area-ambiance veggie-shishkababs food-recordsdown-the-stairs pink-blue-couple golden-hour-guestssomethings-in-the-water sliders-agua toast-time forming-a-circle the-ballers brides-buddies stretched-out warm-san-francisco-nights goofy-husband-dance double-parent-dance dj-gettin-it be-amazing-bar record-store-atmosphere peeking-out-from-behind peace-love bride-joins-in when-the-alcohol-hits