Saint Patrick’s Day ~ SLO ’17

Whether or not you believe the myth of Saint Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland, what’s important is that at some point, some Irish people did believe it! Some, still do. Some, have no idea what Saint Patrick’s Day is about, which is obvious to you and to me: waking up early to get drunk at McCarthy’s and other establishments capable of distributing booze at 6am.

On this, my 4th episode of ‘behind the scenes ~ St. Patrick’s Day SLO’ I found that once again, it was yet another fine day in SLO (clear skies, warm weather, slight breeze) ~ oh so inviting for short-shorts and tank tops (preferably Celtics jerseys). And even if it is a bit crisp at 5am as you venture out the doors in search of intoxication, never fear, there are verdant-green beads to protect your pale & exposed skin from the crisp breeze. Besides, by the time the sun rises, you’ll be wearing a jacket you didn’t start your day with…the invisible kind that warms you up and makes you invincible & joyous. Ain’t it grand to be Irish, if only just for a day 🙂