Jessica+DJ ~ Springtime Engagement!

What do you get when it doesn’t rain for 6 years, and then 6 years of rain comes all in one season…up your dose for allergy medication and take to the hills! I just happen to know a guy by the name of (Brandon) Spreafico, who has a little farm (Spreafico Farms) where spring goes nuts! Turns out, they also throw big parties out at Spreafico (weddings) and Brandon is an excellent host; he even toured us around the place (it’s not a little farm after all) and we found some stunning views. Perhaps the coolest view of all, seeing that big full moon rise at twilight (see above).

Anyway, back to the point: Jess + DJ are getting married. They are locals, in fact, now they’re Arroyo Grande-ans~ it’s a nice town, with normal people…if you believe that. These normal people toured me around Bishop Peak before cruising out to the site of their eventual wedding which will take place this summer! Hoping these ‘normal people’ get a little bit weird to commemorate the occasion, Spreafico Farms is not in Arroyo Grande after all ;). Love these photos; well done Jess + DJ!