Reshma+Matt tied the knot SoCal-style down at the Hotel del Coronado!

My first encounter with Reshma & Matthew came during our first photoshoot together last spring at Cass Vineyards & Winery! {view more: /CassVineyardEngagement} ~ it was easy to see the love that these two share and Matthew just clearly adored Reshma 🙂 ~ fast forward 8 months to their wedding day, and I can tell you that their love has only grown!

Back to (nearly) present day…R+M’s wedding day was filled with family, tradition, beautiful people and scenery! Reshma is a most beautiful bride and her vows to her new family (Matthew & the two boys, etc.) were incredibly touching…(it’s a good thing I have a camera to hide behind because I shed a tear or two).

The Hotel del Coronado, sitting beachfront on an island off of the coast of San Diego, turns out to be a perfect location for a fall wedding! This little slice of heaven was set up for the intimate ceremony with friends and family, but the passers-by couldn’t help but sneak a peek at this beautiful occasion. No matter, it may as well have been just Reshma & Matthew up there as everything else seemed to fade for a few minutes as these two proclaimed their love & commitment. It was a sweet occasion 🙂

The day was filled with such color as Reshma’s family came adorned in the most beautiful-vibrant attire. It really is such a treat to photograph an Indian wedding and this was no exception. To further amplify the beauty, the sky was filled with streaks of white clouds a perfectly contrasting blue sky. A photographer’s dream come true!

After the sun dipped, the party truly began. With amazing food served up in the Hotel del Coronado’s classic & beautiful ballroom! Perhaps the highlight of the evening was the traditional Indian scarf dance performed by Reshma’s sister! (so incredible)

There are so many stunning images from this day! Below you’ll find some of my favorite pics as well as the people who brought the day together. Please enjoy and let the newlyweds know what you think!