Zach made the ultimate move out at Hammersky Vineyards… Needless to say, Kyla said yes!

It’s a treat to witness such a memorable occasion, such as a proposal…but this wasn’t just any proposal! With the rain coming down for hours before, the path up to this majestic oak was a trek…with each step, the mud underneath their boots got thicker, heavier…and the rain continued to pour. Kyla must have thought something was up, but she continued on; seeking shelter underneath the canopy of the oak. They admitted that their pace was quickened by the rain and also out of fear of being yelled at for trespassing (but the crew at HammerSky knew what Zach was up to). Once they arrived at the beautiful oak (named after Uncle Dan), Zach checked the umbrella and dropped down to a knee…which was quickly covered in mud just as his boots were. Though I was keeping my distance so as not to spoil the surprise, Kyla’s reaction was seemingly positive…when Zach got up off his knee, Kyla’s leap up into Zach’s arms made her response about as clear as could be 🙂

Check out the magic from this rainy day!

HammerSky Vineyard
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